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Financial Instruments:


Creditnet Bank Internationale can issue an array of Financial Instruments to suit your requirements. Such instruments include:-


• Letters Of Credit,

• Payment Guarantees,

• Medium Term Notes (MTN),

• International Bills-Of-Exchange,

• Long Term Bank Bonds,

• Certificates-Of-Deposit,

• Promissory Notes,

• Bank Guarantees,





An International Bill-Of-Exchange can be issued as a Debt Obligation Instrument – such as a Promissory Note (to be redeemed / collected at a future date) OR it can be issued against assets as a “cash currency collateral Instrument”. Creditnet Bills-Of-Exchange are issued against assets, and in most cases against gold assets.


Bills-Of-Exchange have been around for centuries and the oldest known example on record in the Sanskrit language was issued by a camel trader against his heard of camels to purchase another heard of camels. Today, the general market-place and many bankers do not understand the real functions and operations of Bills-Of-Exchange and therefore validation within the banking system is often misunderstood.


After our various discussions with the Australian Treasury Department, it was obvious that a central registry for Bills-Of-Exchange was required to effect a simplistic verification of issuance in order to use these cash instruments as “valuable consideration” in the market-place. Hence, we were instrumental in establishing: www.aboer.net (AA+ Bills Of Exchange Registry) which is now run by qualified professionals.


According to the various Federal Legislation and United Nations UNCITRAL convention; A Bill-Of-Exchange is a negotiable instrument and when issued in perpetuity (as a perpetual instrument) against an asset (especially gold), it is to be treated as CASH in the same way you treat a smaller denomination currency note you carry in your wallet or purse. A Bill-Of-Exchange cannot be transferred or deliver electronically therefore ONLY a physical delivery or transfer is valid.  



Medium Term Notes (MTN)


• A Medium Term Note (MTN) is issued as a debt-obligation instrument for collection / payment to order or to bearer at a fixed and predetermined maturity date for an amount in principal with or without redeemable coupons payable during the term of the MTN.


• All MTNs issued by Creditnet Bank Internationale are issued against assets; either owned by Creditnet or committed by a Positive Pledge Deed, whereby the MTN is still considered as negotiable for payment or for bankable deposit because of the supporting assets. The Creditnet MTN program is a FIXED coupon program and does NOT have a FLOATING coupon component on the term sheet.



Business Management

Our team provides a wealth of industry experience, personal network contacts and consultancy support that additionally provide us an access to financial services, institutional funding, and corporate opportunities. The Management of Creditnet Bank Internationale is enacted as a team of cooperation based on experiences, disciplines, and discerning insights of the Management Team and the relevant consultants we access worldwide.

If you are looking for professional financial and banking service and support before, during or after the formation of your account in Creditnet Bank Internationale, we are always here to help through our own professional team or outsourced through our specialists and general contracted partners.



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