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Creditnet Bank Internationale (Creditnet) is a Sovereign Pure Trust operating as a Sovereign Status Banking Organisation with relational offices within various jurisdictions around the globe.

Our charter is to provide funding, equity, or joint venture involvement with various industry groups for the development of commercial, infrastructure, and humanitarian benevolence projects.

Having substantial reserves available at call we are in the envious position of being able to affirm our involvement in any project in minimal time.

We have immediate availability through our international banking affiliates and joint venture partners to a myriad of professional advisors in various industry segments.


Gold has been an international measure of wealth practically since the dawn of history, with each culture and era expressing gold weights and value according to their own custom.

The accelerating devaluation of various currencies because of inflation and adverse political influence since 1972 is the very reason that gold today is more important than ever. Therefore; our banking services offer the stability and security to support each transaction with a "gold backed" status.




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