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Bank License & Legalities


Although initially established in 1999, since 24th September, 2004 Creditnet Bank Internationale has been domiciled in Australia and thereto reinforcing its common law right to contract as a Sovereign Status Banking Organisation to additionally and lawfully chose to operate under the Federal Legislation of the Bills-Of-Exchange Act 1909 (Australia) and banking operations referred to in the amendments of the Corporation Act Australia and other Federal and Constitutional Legislations. Creditnet being a Sovereign Status Banking Organisation is NOT registered under the statutory law of the Banking Act of 1959 which is subject to a private unregistered company called “APRA” which monitors retail banks in Australia.


There have been various contentions about this issue by many who do not understand the relevance and structuring of “Sovereign Status” and who try to usurp their restrictive values on others, such as trying to copy-write a word (“bank”) of the English language or even a word from another nationality without producing an international jurisdictional executive order to copy-write such a word.


The founding fathers of banking, commerce, and the free-world knew these Sovereign values when they built such qualifications into the British Common Law right-to-contract that states that:


No right, provision, or obligation of contract may be abridged or impaired by any officer, employer, or official of any statutory Government, including, but not limited to, any elected or any appointed official of any agency or department to the Government, including but not limited to a Legislator, Magistrate, Justice and/or Judge.





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